Victorians are expected to have the right attitude towards learning and be well-behaved. All Victorians are expected to know and apply five basic principles that will help them to achieve a high standard of personal discipline.

These principles are:

  1. Follow Rules - Rules must be followed, otherwise chaos will reign. Victorians must know that there are consequences to face when rules are broken.

  2. Show Respect - Victorians must respect themselves, their families, the school, and the community.

  3. Take Responsibility - Victorians must bear responsible for their own actions and be accountable. Victorians must know that any irresponsible act has consequences not only to themselves but also to others.

  4. Build Relationships - With family members, teachers, friends and other Victorians. Good relationship helps to bond people together and create mutual understanding and support.

  5. Practise Reflection - When mistakes (offences) are made or committed, Victorians must reflect and learn from them. Victorians must be able to go through a process of self-reflection and learn not to repeat the same mistake or offence.

School Rules

1. School Uniform & Grooming


Victorians are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.


1.2 Shirts are to be buttoned up and tucked in. Shorts/Trousers are to be worn well fit around the hips and waist.


Belts, if worn by upper secondary pupils, must be purchased from the school tailor.


Victorians are to wear white-based track/canvas shoes which are low cut and properly laced. Victorians are to wear VS socks appropriately.


Victorians are to wear the school uniform in school and at school functions or activities.


Victorians are to wear the school tie Mondays and during school functions.


Victorians are to wear regulation PE attire during PE lessons, games and physical activities.

2. Grooming


Hair must be kept short and neatly combed.


Hair should not cover the eyes or be outlandishly styled.


Hair must not be dyed or coloured.


Fingernails are to be kept clean and short.


Chains and rings must not be worn.

3. Attendance


3.1 Daily attendance at school during term time is compulsory. Victorians must be punctual for class lessons and school activities. Absence without valid reasons will not be condoned.


3.2 Only a medical certificate, which must be submitted to the Form Teacher on the next working day, will be accepted to explain absence from school for medical reasons.

A letter from parent/ guardian will be accepted for absence for non-medical reasons, and only under exceptional instances such as funerals, religious festivals, etc.


Victorians must obtain written permission from the Form Teacher before leaving the school premises during curriculum time.


Permission may be sought from the Principal or Vice-Principal to leave early in the event of illness or unexpected circumstances.


Victorians must seek the permission of the teacher-in-charge before any absence from non-curricular school activities.

4. Flag Raising Ceremony


Victorians who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.


Victorians will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.


Victorians must be punctual to attend this ceremony.


Victorians must assemble and line up in an orderly and quiet manner.


Victorians must stand at attention and face the flags when National Anthem is being sung and pledge recited.


4.6 Victorians must observe the ceremony with solemnity and respect.

5. Classroom Conduct


Victorians attend classes regularly and punctually.


Victorians respect teachers and classmates.


Victorians do not disrupt class or waste curriculum time.


Victorians take pride in work and submit best effort in good time.


Victorians keep the classroom neat and clean.


Victorians obtain teacherís permission before entering and leaving any classroom.


5.7 Victorians adorn the class pass before leaving the classroom.

6. Handphones/Electronic devices/Playing Cards/etc


Victorians carry handphones / electronic devies to school at their own risk.


Handphones must be switched off and must not be used at any time within the school compound.


6.3 Any Victorian found with his handphone on or using it in school will have to hand it to the Operations Manager (Discipline). The handphone will only be returned after one month for the first offence and confiscated for the year on the second offence.


Victorians do not bring nor use electronic devices like pages, discmans, walkmans and do not bring nor play with playing cards in school?

7. Canteen Rules


Victorians queue up for food and drinks.


Victorians return used utensils to the receptacles provided.


Victorians consume all food and beverages in the canteen.


Victorians keep the canteen clean and dry.


Victorians donít go to the canteen for food during curriculum time.

8. General


Victorians must prepare well to excel in any competition and be sporting/gracious in
accepting the decision or outcome.


Victorians do not go to unauthorized places or be a nuisance at public places.


Victorians look after their personal possessions in school.


Victorians do not bring excessive cash or expensive branded items to school.


Victorians obey the Pedestrian Crossing Rules and the Laws of Singapore.

Offences & Consequences


Tinted Hair / Long Hair / Inappropriate Hairstyle

First Time - Dye hair back to original colour / send to barber for haircut / cut by OM, DM or P
Repeat - School / Community Service / Home Involvement / Demerit Point / Caning

Late for school

After 3 times - School Community Service / Home Involvement / Demerit Points

Skipping Lessons

School Community Service / Demerit Point

Sneaking into School after Morning Assembly

Detention outside Principal’s Office until the end of the day/ Home Involvement/Demerit PointsRepeat – Caning

Playing Truant

School Community Service / Home Involvement/ Demerit Points / Caning

Smoking and
Possession of Cigarettes

Cessation Clinic/ School Community Service/ Home Involvement/ Demerit Points/ Caning

Theft in School

School Community Service/ Home Involvement/ Demerit Points/ Caning/ Police Report


Home Involvement/ Demerit Points/ Caning/ Police Report

Other Serious Offences

Gambling / Vandalism / Substance Abuse / Fighting / Bullying / Cheating during Tests or Exams / Forging or Doctoring Documents / Possession of Pornographic Materials / Disrespect for School Staff

School Community Service/ Home Involvement/ Demerit Points/ Caning / Expulsion / Police Report (Depending on severity of offence)

School Community Service – Any form of school service as deemed fit by the school authorities to assist a pupil repent and redeem his incorrect behaviour.

Parents will be informed of the offences and the actions taken. All offences committed will be recorded in the School Cockpit. Police assistance will be sought for serious offences.